Can I import/convert WordPress pages?


Our agency built multiple landing pages for clients on WordPress, but we’re now looking to scale up and move them over to Unbounce.

Is it possible to somehow export existing pages and import them into Unbounce? Or any other suggested approach on how to do this efficiently?


Hey @nocturnae,

There is no way to import landing pages into Unbounce. You’ll have to recreate each one individually.

It’s a bit of a pain but new variants and LPs in the future would be a breeze.

You can always outsource the migration. Most LPs can be rebuild in Unbounce in a couple of hours.


Piggybacking on @Hristian’s point, it’s a breeze to build Unbounce pages if you started in a prototyping tool like Sketch or XD. We routinely launch an Unbounce “microsite” before the main WordPress website using the same prototype elements.

If you have all the graphics etc it should not take too long to rebuild it in Unbounce. Probably an hour apiece. I’ve done a few.