Can I implement my own design?


can I implement my own design ?


Hi Stan - you sure can!

When you create a new page, select “Start from a Blank Page” on the template selection screen.

What kind of design are you starting with? We have a lot of customers who will build something in Photoshop then slice it up and assemble in Unbounce. If you need a hand or have any questions let us know. We’re here to help!


Thanks a lot Ryan for your quick answer! Actually we ve already coded a landing page at We would like to benefit from unbounce a/b testing tools to iterate on our landing page. Do we just need to copy and paste our code on the unbounce platform and create our various versions from it ?



Hey Stan - We recommend rebuilding the page using our tools to take advantage of our AB testing capabilities. You could try dropping in your code and seeing how it behaves on our platform, but it may leave us unable to set certain buttons/links/submissions as conversion goals.


I’ll echo Johnny here Stan, but I do have a follow up question:

Since your page is entirely custom code, do you have the custom code for the variant you want to A/B test against? Because if that’s that case, you could create a second variant into which you paste the B version of your code and everything should work like a dream.

Let me know either way. I can provide more comprehensive instructions if this will work for you.