Can I have my WP site and unbounce pages both on the root domain?



I currently have a WP site host at my root domain. I also have Unbounce pages that I’d like to deploy to the root domain as well.

I tried using the Unbounce plugin for WP, but my page load time was crawling along (especially the form pop-up which would kill my conversion rate). I don’t wish to troubleshoot the performance issues, so I was wondering…can I just setup my Unbounce landing page on the root domain and benefit from the speedy Unbounce servers? (Side note: I also wouldn’t have to change my Adwords destination URLs which I’d like to avoid doing).

Everything I’ve read says I should use a sub-domain, but it never explained why. Does anyone know if using the root simultaneously as WP is possible and what, if any, drawbacks there are to this approach?



Hi Glenn,

Unfortunately the only way to have your Unbounce pages on the same domain as an existing Wordpress site is to use our plugin.

The only alternative to setting up a custom domain in Unbounce is to create a CNAME record with your DNS provider and point it to our servers. This set up however will override any existing content on the domain, which is why we usually recommend using a subdomain.

So unfortunately you won’t be able to have your Unbounce pages and Wordpress site on the root domain unless you decide to go back with the plugin.

Here’s some documentation on setting up a CNAME record just in case you want to explore the subdomain option a bit more -

Hope this helps a bit!


Hi Rob,

Thanks for the response. To clarify, could I have “” point to my
wordpress install but “” point to an unbounce landing page
without using the plugin? Or is this not possible?



Hi Glenn. If you choose not to use the plugin your page would be no e.g. “” and not your main domain. We use subdomains for 99% of our customers.