Can i get some feedback on my design?


Hello, I am looking for some feedback on my landing page design: (please check out the mobile version too)

I am a beginner designer and  am developing this template for the themeforest market, any feedback and criticism is appreciated.

Thank You.


Hi Alex!

You’ve got some really slick hover animations going on, which is absolutely delightful! It seems like the first letters of the headings are bolded, which is not necessary and is just adding more noise to your clean design (ex. A bout Us, C ontact, etc). 

In Conversion Centred Design, we want to try and keep the attention ratio at 1:1 as much as possible. In your header, I would suggest to remove one of the buttons, depending on what is more important. In my opinion, it would be to keep the “Learn More” CTA because people usually would want to read more information about your company before they actually hire you. A brighter CTA colour would also be helpful! Your minimal design is awesome, but it would be even greater with buttons that stand out and catch people’s attention.

Most especially love the composition of the About Us section! Only thing I would say about this section is to try to keep the icons consistent as it seems like they all have different stroke sizes. This is looking pretty solid to me–definitely would not have thought this was from a beginner designer. I’m interested to hear what other people in our community think! : )



Hi Alex!

I agree with Denise on the above points. I would definitely pick up on her point about 1:1 attention ratio.

And make sure the CTA pops - here is one example where your attention is immediately drawn to the “Try it free today” CTA, While ghost buttons is a big trend these days we (ConversionLab) have performed A/B tests where they heavily underperform vs CTAs that stand out more with contrast like the one for Ballpark.

Also make sure you remove any kind of leaks from your main goal of the page (getting people to get in touch). Unfortunately I see footer elements such as Twitter, Facebook etc. in too many templates on Themeforest, and I would recommend removing them. Just another distraction. Add them to your confirmation page instead :wink:

Seems like the “Learn More” buttons in the About us section has no real purpose - so would get rid of those :wink:

Even though this is a template I would also put some work into the headline, make a value proposition. The headline should define the page and tell me 1) what I get, and 2) what’s in it for me. It could be “Get great photos from your events” or something similar. 


Hi Finge!

Glad to hear from your perspective at ConversionLab! I agree with the social links as well. In our templates here at Unbounce, we always add them in the confirmation page instead of the landing page itself. Good call on the “Learn More” buttons on the About Us section, that would definitely help keep users on that page. 

Hope these are helpful, Alex! 


Thank you so much for the great feedback, I am modifying the template right now :smiley:

Ps: I just noticed that you added Raleway and Roboto to the font selection in the builder. Will definitely be using them in my next project. I would love to see Merriweather Sans added to the list as well if possible :).


Thanks for the font feedback! I’ll make sure my product team sees this. :slight_smile: