Can I get form-error messages in Spanish?


Now I have my form with mandatory fields… but when a user skips one, it gets a notification saying “You must complete this field”.

Can I get that notification in another custom language? My target users are all Spanish.



Hi JC - There’s no built in functionality for this at the moment but you can customize the error messages with a little custom code. Checkout the article below if your interested!…


@Johnny – I’m also trying to translate the validation error messages to Spanish, but I’m having a hard time doing it. I have placed the javascript code as indicated and the errer messages are still coming up in English…

My form is very simple. It just asks for: Nombre, Email, Telefono

The field ids are: nombre, email, telefono (respectively). I’m selecting “Head” for placement…

Please help.


Hey Edgar - Just following up here as well. We talked on the phone and we were able to work out the issues you encountered.


Thank you Johnny for all your help. It worked great!


I’m having the same issue, can you please share with me how your sorted it out? How can I translate the form error message into Spanish?


Hi Ido - have you already checked out this article:…

It’s not something we have automated, but the above article will provide you with a workaround. If you have tried that and have run into any issues, please email us at or reply here and I’ll open up a ticket for you so we can dig in further.


Hi Ido, yes… Quinn’s suggestion above will help you translate the form error messages into Spanish. If you have problems, let me know… I can help you out.


This script has worked before on a previous form, but I have now created a new form and the translation of the notification message does not seem to work. This is the Javascript I put in the form:
But the error message are still in English:


Hi Ido - it looks like the field names that you have in your script don’t match what’s entered into the form–they’ll need to match exactly (including capitalization to work).

If you open up the form editor, you’ll see exactly what’s the form name is in grey, under the label. It looks like you’ve got some extra spaces in some of the form labels and in your Javascript, there are some caps in the field names. The messages themselves can have caps, but the field names will always be lower case.


Hi Quinn,
Can you provide the updated link to the article? It is taking me to documentation page.


Hey Veronica, 
Sorry about that! You can find the updated link here:…


Thanks! I got it working now.


Worked for me as well, many thanks! I used it for the spanish error translation, and since all of my visitors speak spanish, I just included it on the global script configuration for my domain. Great help, thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!
Just so you know, you can completely customize the form-error messages with a bit of script, which you can find here:…

If you’re running into issues with this, just contact our support team at