Can I expire my Unbounce landing pages?


I want to be able to periodically expire certain landing pages when the offer they’re promoting isn’t available anymore. I’d then like to redirect them to a page that says something like, “This offer is no longer available.” Is there an easy way to do this in Unbounce?


Hi Jaclyn - there’s two ways you could do this.

One would be to add a redirect to each page using Javascript, but I’d actually recommend taking advantage of our 404 page feature.

You’ll just need to create a page with your “this offer is no longer available” messaging and publish it under your custom domain at /404/. Then when you need to expire an offer, simply unpublish that landing page via the gear menu on the Page Overview screen for that page.

Because that page will no longer be published, anyone trying to go to the URL will then be automatically redirected to your new 404 page instead.