Can i do rotating slides

Hi guys,

Im doing a website that includes a rotating slide of testimonials. so every slide should have its own image and its own text, with (ideally) a small circle for the viewer to click on tetimonals quickly (attaching a GIF reference)

can i do this on unbounce? hoping its a yes!

Thank youvideo-question-11

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Hi again, @BandIndustries!

This is possible, just need some custom scripts.

Here are some links that have been posted previously in the community that will help you get started:



Hi Caroline, thank you so much for the help! I was capable of making a rotating text, attaching a reference. Can’t wait to put it to good use! :slight_smile:

But for the image banners rotating it didn’t quite work. Is there any additional information that anyone can provide?

Many thanks!

any feedback?