Can I do a survey using unbounce?


Pretty simple question . . . I’m running a test of a produce offering and I want to basically put up an adwords ad, have people land on an unbounce page that describes the service I’m looking to offer, and then have them click a yes/no radio button, and maybe have an area where they could enter in their thoughts.

Can I do this?

If so, how?

Great product! Thanks.


Hi Michael,

It is possible. It is currently live so please don’t submit the form but here is a page we created recently for feedback from a seminar. Simple list of questions with various ways of answering each.…

It’s just simply a long form, good luck!


Oliver’s right, you can definitely do that with Unbounce. Just add a form using the built-in form tool and away you go! You’ll have to tabulate the yes/no results yourself, but we let you easily download your form responses to Excel.