Can I decrease or increase the space between lines in text (css: line-height)?


Can I decrease or increase the space between lines in text (css: line-height)?


Hey Wayne,
There’s currently no easy way to do this - it’s a limitation of the text editor component we’re using. However, if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can click the “Source” button in the text editor to go into HTML mode. Find the block of text you want and add (or change if it’s already there) the CSS style for “line-height”. You can read more about CSS line-height here if you’re not familiar:…

I’m changing this topic to be an “idea” as oppose to a “question” so that others can vote for this feature to be implemented.



I’ve been struggling with the text editor for days and can’t seem to get a satisfactory outcome.

I highlight a piece of text and select a different font size but nothing changes or the text gets completely screwed up.

I’ve been reading through various comments about editor problems going back over almost 12 months - but can never find a solution?

Can anyone help before it drivers me insane?


Hey Eddie - for immediate help you’ll want to be sure to always contact us at support[at]unbounce[dot]com. Check your email I have a few questions I’d like to ask so we can troubleshoot this!


Hi Eddie - I’ll echo Lou here but also add that it could be a problem with the HTML generated by the text editor. There could be some extra markup that’s preventing the changes you’re making from showing. If you’re the least bit HTML technical, you could hop in to clean to code up yourself or, alternately, reach out as Lou mentioned and we’ll lend a hand.


Adjustable line height is now a feature in the page builder! Just open the text editor and use the line height menu to make adjustments.


I tried using line height adjustment but nothing changes.


Hi @drdon,

Did you first select the text and only then pick the desired line height?