Can I create a custom template?


Is there a way to create a custom template? I have created a page for one test, that I would like to use as a basis for several other tests. It is actually my client’s existing series of landing pages that I’m trying to test out of. It would certainly save a ton of time if I could use the one page I have built in the editor as a template.


While you can’t (yet) create your own template, you *can* duplicate your page (choose “Duplicate Page” from the page’s gear menu in your dashboard), which gives you pretty much the same capability. Would that work for you?


Okay, I saw that, but is there a way to move that page to a different “test?” I have 40 different campaigns and they point to about 20 different landing pages. Let’s say I have 20 different car models that I want to set up tests for. Could I create their existing page one time, duplicate it for each of 20 tests and swap out the photos and text? That would save me TONS of time, since the basic framework, navigation, layout, etc. is the same for all the existing landing pages.

It seemed to me that I could only duplicate pages within a single test, not between tests. That’s the short response. :slight_smile:


So, I hope I’m understanding you correctly. Let me just clarify our terminology really quickly…

An Unbounce page lives at a particular URL. To test that page, you create multiple variants (a, b, c…), that will be randomly selected for visitors to that URL. Your dashboard displays your entire list of pages. When you click on a page on your dashboard, you get your page overview, which shows all the variants for that page. Totally clear, right?

Ok, from the dashboard (your list of pages), you can choose to duplicate your page. When you do this, you can select which variants of that page you would also like to duplicate.

Now, further, on your page overview, you can select “Move to another Page” from the variant’s gear menu, which will allow you to copy that variant to another page.

So, it sounds like you *can* accomplish what you’re after, no? You can duplicate entire pages with all their variants, plus you can move/copy variants to other pages…


I have copied variant, Problem is content shifts - edit - preview. return to edit click on background - click page properties . edit - save- preview - same result, content shifts up, down. I had it perfect the other day, changed video, back to page content up down have to scroll up down to view. What do I need to do correct this issue , besides wasting time editing, preview - publish - each step shifts. As I said I use Google Chrome, I open FF to view landing page part of text ran off page… background shifted…


Duplicating creates the need to edit the same thing on every duplicate. If you need to, for example, change the spelling of one nav item, you’d have to go into every duplicate and change the same thing over and over, right? If you could create a template, you could define the parts of the page that are consistent throughout each page using that template (headers, nav menus, footers, etc), and define the parts that would change (ie. paragraphs, names, etc).

Is this possible now, four years after this thread was posted?


Hi Dave, 
Just so I understand exactly what you’re asking for - are you looking for a way to save/download your own template, then re-use that template when creating new pages?

Or are you looking to create shared assets, such as a page section that you can change once and have it update across numerous pages? An example of this would be creating a nav bar (which isn’t recommended on landing pages by the way) that you would create once, then be able to call that asset in dynamically on other pages. If you want to make an edit to asset, it would span across every page it was published to.

If it’s the former, then you’ll be happy to know that you can definitely download your own page template and re-upload it as much as you wish. If it’s the latter, then I would suggest creating a new ‘Idea’ post and detailing this so that others can vote on this idea as well. 

Hope that helps!


I was wondering if since that time, the template function evoluated or not ?

I mean, what I am looking to do is create template fo LPs that many people can use in the company. Template with custom designs (that I would create), where there is part they can not edit. And what would be even greater, is to limit them to our corporate colors and fonts.