Can I change the sort view on All Pages list?


Im looking at the main screen with the list of all my pages. It is auto-sorted by the most recent one created but I want to sort by conversions. Is there a way to change the sort?


Hi Nathan,

As mentioned by Hristian, we don’t have that feature yet but don’t fret, we will be working on sort and filter in the very near future. Once implemented, you’ll be able to sort and filter through conversions, recently created, etc.

We’ll keep you posted for any updates. For the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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I see a lot of people have posted about this topic already, but some of the Unbounce community members have said that the feature is “coming soon.” The problem is that they said it was “coming soon” in threads that were 5 years old. 

Is there any progress / updates with the ability to sort pages by visitors, views, conversions, name, etc?


Hi Nathan, 

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of a way to rearrange the list of pages. 

However, depending on your particular needs you might be able to go around this limitation by using the leads export feature for all of your pages. 

If you export a list of all your leads for a given period, you then can go into Excel/Pages/OpenOffice and use the .CSV file to make the necessary analysis. 

The exported file will have the name of the page and number of leads. It’s just a matter of applying a few formulas and interpreting the data.