Can I change the default form field integrations?


Each time I go to set up the form field integrations with Marketo for a new landing page, they point to specific Marketo fields by default. However, those default fields are the ones I selected when I first set up the Marketo integration last year, and not all of them are correct.

Is there a way to change the default fields that are selected?
Here’s a screenshot of the fields I’m concerned about:


Hi Scott,

So, you want to change which Marketo fields are mapped to each Unbounce form field? I hope I’m understanding the question correctly. If not, please feel free to elaborate. Anyway, when you click on any of those Marketo Field dropdown menus, you should see an option at the bottom that says something like “(+) Add New Field” which can allow you to select another Marketo field to then map to an Unbound form field.


I am able to change which Marketo field the Unbounce ones map to. That’s not a problem.

The screenshot I shared shows how they map before I do anything. For example, the “Page ID” field has a corresponding field in Marketo to map to, but when I create a new form it defaults to “site” which is not correct. So I have to go and change each of the fields to the correct one for Marketo.

My question was if we could create global defaults in the account for fields like these to make sure they mapped correctly instead of having to fix them each time I make a new form. Somehow it’s taking these fields as the default and I’d like to change that.