Can I add a video/gif moving background on to my unbounce pages?



I’d like to add a moving background on my landing pages- besides looking pretty cool, some studies have shown that this can increase engagement/conversion. Not sure if there is an easy way to embed this on unbounce pages? Would it support both desktop and mobile browsers?

It’s the only thing stopping me from switching to a paid subscription at this stage! Any advice on this topic would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Thomas - Johnny from our Technical Support Team came up with this how-to for using a YouTube video as a page background (I’d recommend a video over a gif, because the tend to scale better and if the file is large, videos load more smoothly).

It is a workaround, so while it should definitely work as-is, you may need to make some custom code changes if you want to revise anything other than the video you’re using. It’ll play nicely with Mobile Responsive as-is though.


We’ve officially launched  Video Backgrounds  into beta as of today. Click the link below and sign up to be an Early Access beta tester!