Can I add a class to a button?


I would like to use one of these scripts: to animate my button (#lp-pom-button-728).

Adding the script to the Javascript box gives an error notification.


Hi @MaartenRediers,

Unfortunately that’s not possible yet. The only way to do it is using js
It’s one of the more frustraiting issues of Unbounce.
It would be great to have something like this:

In addittion of the Unbounce’s ID and Class you would be able to add your custom ones.

Perhaps in the next Unbounce update? :wink:


I second this as a feature request. It’s frustrating my web admin and I setting up goals in Analytics at the moment. Still trying to find a work around if someone can point me in the right direction?


Completely ridiculous that this isn’t a feature, seems like an enormous oversight!! They didn’t think we would ever have a need for a custom selector? Trying to manage 60+ pages it sure would be nice if I could set elements KNOWING they had the same ID’s and Classes… ID’s do not transfer over when copy/pasting from page to page. This all makes for some frustrating scenarios indeed!

Don’t understand how this isn’t an option :man_facepalming: please get on this UnBounce!


See the feature request here: Custom Classes for Element Metadata

I have also told several Unbouncers online and in-person that we really would love this feature. Feel free to give it a thumbs up on the request!