Can I A/B test on my existing pages with unbounce?


Can I do A/B testing on my existing pages with unbounce? Or is it only on pages created in unbounce?


Hey Markus! Unbounce is all about enabling marketers to easily create promotion-specific pages, and as part of that, we have built-in split testing for pages created with Unbounce. If you need to split test existing pages, we recommend you look at tools like Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely.

Now, if you had a page on your site that was under-performing, and you were wondering if a more focused landing page would work better, there are ways you can test an Unbounce page against an existing page on your site. It’s a little hacky right now, and we hope to make it work a little better in the future, but you can definitely do it.


Hi - I just submitted a support ticket for how to test an existing page on my site against Unbounce pages - which you mention above. How do you do that?


Hey Laura! Noticed that our support team got back to you indicating that this wasn’t possible, sorry. It *is* possible, just not documented.

The basic technique is to create a variant that contains nothing but a Javascript redirect to your existing page. I’ve asked our team to put together a quick support article on how to do that (it’s pretty straightforward, but there might be some pros/cons to consider depending on exactly what you’re doing).


Carl, can you provide the link to the article once available?


Why not just use Google Optimizer and track it there?


Geoffrey - thanks for the suggestion but doesn’t it get cumbersome having multiple platforms and tracking codes?

There’s something nice about having all the data in one place. I prefer to have one product for all my testing if possible.


Hey Eric, I’ll definitely link to the article as soon as we get that put together.


Hi Carl - can you provide an ETA on that article? It’s been some time - curious if this is still forthcoming…