Can a form submit dynamically decide where to direct someone?


I have a client running an event where members can register for free but non-members need to pay for registration. I am just realizing I can’t have a free item with a paypal button so I was wondering if the form can be set to move a free registrant right to conversion but the non-members move to a paypal button?



Hi @rosemarielanaro,

Yes, you can direct visitors based on input of a field but in your particular case, you would have to be able to query your DB and see who is a member.

Based on that query, you can then redirect to the appropriate next page.

The above functionality would have to be custom coded for your particular case.



Hi So the whole form would be custom HTML? Would unbounce still be able to track the conversions?



Hi Rose,

It’s not necessary to have a custom form. You would just have to modify the native Unbounce form.

This should point you in the right direction.