Can a form be duplicated in a page?


Is there a way to duplicate a form (or repeat it a couple of times ) within a page? It appears to me that a form cannot be repeated and can only be used once in a page…



No unfortunately for the time being you are limited to one form per page. We’ve heard some frustrations with this though so it’s possible we’ll look into making pages with multiple forms in the future. Sorry that’s not the answer you were looking for.


Has this functionality been implemented yet? Thanks. 


Hi Carly, 

You still can’t have multiple native forms on a page. 

However, a couple of workarounds: 

  1. You can have multiple buttons (CTAs) on your page that when clicked would scroll up/down to the form. 

  2. You can look into embedding a 3rd party from like Wufoo. 


Hristian, please count me in on a waiting list for that feature :wink: