Can a CTA button jump to a form on the same page?


I found some threads on this but the links for help on this were broken, so hoping someone can help me out here.

When I click on the CTA button in the editor, I can find the “Click Action” area on the side to tell it where to go, but i’m just not sure what i’m supposed to set everything to to make it jump to my form lower on the page.



Hi there!

Simply select your button & copy + paste the section, or element you’d like for it to jump to.

Additionally, you’ll want to add this script to your page so that the ‘jumping’ from section to section animates smoothly!


wow thank you for such a fast response!!


My pleasure!

Let me know if you need a hand locating the section or an element meta data. Simply select the element, and scroll down on the right hand side to view the element metadata info.