Would love to see an integration with Campayn.
They are an email marketing service with functionality similar to MailChimp, so you get an idea what they offer.


Hi Samuel, 

I’m sure the Unbounce team would love to implement as many complementing 3rd party services as they possibly can, but sometimes it’s a matter of allocating resources to where they would have the most impact. 

Email marketing solutions are simply too many to count let alone integrate all of them. 

Having said that you have a couple of options that you can use right now to get your pages working with Campayn:

  1. Zapier - Took a look at the Campayn website and the Zapier integration is their recommended way to go for Unbounce. It’s a great service that you can use for a variety of automation tasks.

  2. API - Campayn seem to offer an API so if you are comfortable coding this might be another alternative. 

Let us know how it works out.