Campaign urls don't work in emails


I’m using the campaign URL via the CNAME function. The CNAME has been added to the host, and the URLS work when used directly, but the not for the recipients from within the emails. They just lead to a blank page. Whats the problem?

Here is of them:…


Hi Marlan, does your email system add tracking codes to the URL? Perhaps they’re doing so in a way that’s somehow incompatible with our page serving. Can you show an example of how the links appear in your test email messages?


Hi Carl, actually, they re not working from the web pages either. Here is an example: Click on the image of the collateral at the bottom of this web page:…
Here is a raw URL:

Here is another one:


Hey Marian, when I click on both the image or the text link at the bottom of your page, I do get taken to the corresponding Unbounce page successfully, so I’m not sure what the issue might be. Do you get a completely blank page, or is there any sort of message on it?


Interesting - glad it’s working for you. It appears to work on some computes but not all. It doesn’t work when I click on it from within, or from the web page, or the emails when I am at Globanet on my laptop, but it works when I get home and access from my desktop or my laptop. It gives me a message about it not being able to reach the server, and a “try again” button. At home, they work fine. So weird. Do you suppose Globanet systems have some kind of access restriction in place?


Hi Marian,

I don’t think I’ll be much help to the specifics of your problem, but the pages are also working correctly for me.

Out of curiousity, what browser and operating system are you using? Have you installed any new addons recently that could be causing this?

As it involved changing the CNAME, could it have been a DNS issue that still needed to replicate, as it’s been a few hours since your last post, are you able to check if it’s still not working correctly?



Hey Marian, the information about it not working when you are at Globanet is very informative. Quite often I’ve seen DNS infrastructure setup so that *within* a company, you’ll be using internal DNS servers for your domain, rather than the publicly registered ones. That means the CNAME wouldn’t be visible inside your network. Do you have some IT folks you could talk to about that? If they do an “nslookup” on “” it should be obvious…