Callrail to Unbounce


Wondering if there is a way to create a lead in Unbounce off of a call from a platform like Call Rail? For example, if a phone call comes in off a landing page, we’d like to consider that a conversion and have it accounted for in our unbounce conversion rate.


If you are using mobile version and have the phone number as a button or link, you can “link it” in conversions tab. That way when phone is clicked it goes through as a conversion. If its a desktop version than I think you would need to have it integrated with unbounce, which unfortunately is not.

Hopefully this helps.


Hi Chris,

While you will be able to push call tracking information out of Unbounce, there isn’t actually a way for us to pull the data back in and mark it as a conversion in Unbounce. We would likely need to build a direct integration to make this happen, which admittedly isn’t in the pipeline just yet.

However, I would be curious to see how many people would find this type of integration beneficial to their marketing efforts. If anyone in the community has implemented a call-tracking solution before, feel free to share your thoughts on the matter (including pain points that a direct integration would solve).


We use CailRail as well. What we would like to be able to to is integrate this new Lead Capture feature they have:…


I have spoken with both Unbounce and CallRail support about this and hope you guys will directly integrate soon :slight_smile:


We’ve (I work for CallRail) heard quite a bit of people wanting an Unbounce/CallRail direct integration. We’ll be working on it over the next few months. Thanks for the feedback!


Hi Mark! Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about how you plan to integrate :slight_smile:


Excited to announce that the CallRail Unbounce integration is finally released. We released it yesterday at Unbounce’s CTA Conference in Vancouver. You can see how to set it up with the integration support article.

CallRail Integration [Implemented]

I use Callrail. I set up the integration in Callrail to my Unbounce account. I also copy and pasted the javascript dynamic number insertion code from Callrail to my Unbounce page.

I’ve had a couple phone calls come in from the keyword pool in Callrail…but I do not see conversions in Unbounce. Any idea on how to trouble shoot this?

I’d like to register any phone call (live, voice message, missed) as a conversion in Unbounce.