CallRail Integration [Implemented]



Update: While we’re not quite done with the integration, I still thought it would be helpful to update everyone on its status. We had to respond to some other product related development work and the integration development paused for a time. I’m sorry for the delay and any inconvenience.

We want to get this right, and I can say that the integration is moving forward again on our end. Thanks everyone for your comments and requests. Hearing from our customers that want this integration really helps move this along.


+1! Thanks for the update, Mark!


Just an FYI: That solution above is helpful but it misses about 1 in 4 of my forms. What I mean is it does not register with CallRail and does not notify the recipient of the leads.

Any updates on this team?


I’ve been using the temporary solution one of your engineers provided to me a while back which is also posted above.

The only problem with it Mark is that for some very odd reason, it randomly decides not to detect certain lead submissions on Unbounce. Out of 10, 2 went missing. They only show on the Unbounce database but no SMS or email notification from CallRail. It also doesn’t show under forms in CallRail. Yet it works 80 percent of the time. Weird…


Mark, this is great, thanks.

If possible, this would be perfect… field mapping between both callrail and hubspot but in unbounce’s platform. unbounce’s field mapping is functional, clean, and fluid. lastly, it would keep me from having to configure more zaps in zapier.


Excited to announce that the CallRail Unbounce integration is finally released. We released it yesterday at Unbounce’s CTA Conference in Vancouver. You can see how to set it up with the integration support article.


Wohoo! This is massive!


Update from the CallRail team: We’re working on a direct Unbounce integration over the next few months, along with several other integrations that are aimed at making all of our lives as marketers a little easier. I work for CallRail and we’re super excited about extending the reach of the platform to create more efficient workflows.  


This is a little delayed (okay, very delayed), but we have officially released an integration with CallRail.

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