CallRail Integration [Implemented]



I am trying to integrate CallRail in my landing pages so I can track my calls coming in. Can I do this with Unbounce?


Hi Samuel,

Although we don’t have a direct integration with CallRail just yet, it looks like it should be possible based on their documentation: I might try reaching out to CallRail to see if they can shed some on this kind of integration. Also, I’d love to see the final product if you can get this up and running.

Does anyone else in the community have experience with integrating a call tracking/analytics solution in Unbounce?


Hello, I am trying to use CallRail’s “lead capture” integration, found here:…

But we were not able to get it to work yet. From their support, this is what they said:

Lead Capture requires the form to be submitted with an HTML submit button. In this case it’s being submitted via javascript:

form action="/fsg?pageId=702afa14-7bef-11e4-85d9-22000aa60aa0&variant=a" method=“POST”
(form content is here)
a class=“lp-element lp-pom-button” id=“lp-pom-button-47” href="#" span class="label"Get My Quote >>/span/a’

In order for lead capture to know that the link is submitting the form, it should look like this:

form action="/fsg?pageId=702afa14-7bef-11e4-85d9-22000aa60aa0&variant=a" method=“POST”
(form content is here)
input type=“submit” value=“Get My Quote”

Any thoughts on this.


Hey there - the Javascript based submission for forms is pretty integral to the Unbounce app right now, so unless there’s another way to trigger the lead capture with CallRail, you won’t be able to use an Unbounce form to do that.

You can use a custom form (and embed that via a custom HTML element), then you’ll be able to manipulate the input value. Custom forms won’t track conversions in Unbounce by default, but you can set-up external conversion tracking to do that.


I was able to get the Callrail Lead capture to work with Unbounce for now. You have to build a custom HTML form like Quinn says, then your own thankyou page. If you need sample code let me know.


Hey Drivetrain… Any luck on you sharing how to do this? I’ve looked at all the form providers out there like JotForm, Wufoo, etc and can’t get it done. I’m trying to also use the lead capture feature for my landing pages.

Your help would be so helpful!


We tested it for awhile but no longer use it. It is way too much hassle to use HTML forms, plus a custom thankyou page, for every landing page.

As of right now, Callrail lead capture and Unbounce do not work, since Callrail uses javascript for the lead capture code.

We recently switched to Analytic Call Tracking (enterprise) and use a Zapier webhook to generate a call. This seems to work well for now.


Thanks for the quick reply! Us SMB lead gen companies gotta stick together :slight_smile:

I saw on your site that you don’t use HTML so I presumed your effort had failed or been not too successful, lol.

In regards to call tracking, I too had considered switching but am too fond of their UI. I can’t stand CallTrackingMetrics or IfByPhone interfaces and overall feel. CallRail really has the HTML5 / Web 3.0 / Unbounce feel to it…

I’d also like to learn more about the call tracking you currently use.

I had read about it since it seemed cool to just hook up to Twilio and go from there but my main concern as you may very well know is keyword level tracking to report back to Google Analytics and AdWords. Care to share your opinion on this?


Agreed. Yeah–the HTML form method does get Callrail to work, however using an HTML form kinda defeats most of the purpose of using Unbounce. The leads are not tracked properly, integrations do not work, the code easily breaks, etc.

I believe Analytic Call Tracking has keyword level tracking, but we do not use it so I am not 100% sure. It is somewhat complicated to set up.

We still use Callrail for inbound–we are only using the ACT platform for generating a “new lead call” at the moment.

We’d much prefer Callrail lead capture to work. They told me they might have something in the future to integrate.

All we’d need is a webhook!


Just got an email from the VP of engineering at CallRail stating they are working on this and he offered to test it on one of my LP’s.

Fingers crossed


Also can you comment on what you mean by “New lead call”… You use Zapier and ACT to achieve what exactly? Pushing a notification of a new call to a CRM? 

Sorry for the bombardment of questions :slight_smile:


New lead call: When a new lead received in Unbounce, an automated phone call is generated to a salesperson/client saying "You have a new lead, press #1 to call the lead"
Then the sales rep merely has to press 1 and it connects them to the lead. (Just like Callrail lead capture)


Gotcha! I remember a service called that did this… Did you ever find another provider or was it that you didn’t want to spend the money they charge for these “new lead” call notification services?


ACT is the only one I know of where you can use Zapier easily to create a webhook.
Demo’d Calldrip as well, which works well but the numbers didn’t work for what we do.


FYI to update this thread: There is a script Callrail provides that allows Lead Capture to work on an Unbounce page.

To get lead capture to work:

A) Install the custom Dynamic Number Insertion script, from the Integrations section of your Callrail account in your Javascripts.
B) Install the below script into your Javascripts:

Thanks to JP on this one :slight_smile:

Any questions on integration to Callrail lead capture contact Callrail support and they can help.


Thanks so much for the update on this one!


We’re both super excited about this, Mark! Thanks for the update. :) 


Has this been integrated


Not yet, Waqid!  We are patiently waiting :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t it be great to have this ability?

I hear that they are working on it.




I could of swore this was posted by Drivetrain or myself a couple months back.

Anyhow… CallRail provided a temporary solution to have lead capture work for Unbounce pages. Just create a script for the Unbounce pages and pos the following before the

end tag:

---- BEGIN CODE ------

---- END CODE ----

I hope this helps!