Calling All Designers and Marketers


Hello Unbounce Community!

Calling all designers and marketers…

I’m doing some research for an upcoming book (and my talk from this year’s CTA Conf).

The topic is Data-Driven Design.

For the research, I have two quick surveys: one for designers working on a marketing team, and the other for marketers working with designers/copywriters.

If you are a designer or a marketer, I would love, love, LOVE if you could spare two minutes to run through the questions. The insights will heavily influence the direction I take with the content.

Take this survey >> if you’re a designer working in a marketing team (or agency).
Take this survey >> if you’re a marketer working with designers/copywriters in a marketing team (or agency).

Also - here’s one for copywriters: Copywriter survey

Thanks so much.

Oli Gardner
Unbounce Co-Founder



There ya go, Oli!



Thank you, sir!
Appreciate you helping out


The biggest way you can help me with my marketing design is to help me to
understand how I can set it up to work correctly, driving the traffic to my
site, or landing page (when the info is typed correctly) and then track the
user’s movements, report back, compare them come up with a band-aid and go
viral tomorrow. I know you can do it, I can’t even see the things you have
already created in your head in the time it has taken me to type this. I
just a little envious. So, did you start that company that I give you 2
facts and you make up a completed campaign?!!?
Leslie Guzman


I wouldn’t mind helping with this, except I am a copywriter who works with
designers in a marketing department…I’m not sure which of your categories
I would fall under.

Lynn Miller
Online Communications


Thanks for letting me know Lynn!
I have a survey for copywriters too.
Copywriter Survey



You should focus on getting the Wordpress plugin working before sparking any new concepts.
Because of an ongoing bug with the WP Plugin, we have lost $75,000 US worth of leads.
Getting the runaround from support. I’ve been an Unbounce customer since 4/2/12. Extremely unhappy.
Sorry to post here, but getting no progress elsewhere.


Hey @scottplumptree – this sounds pretty serious. I just chatted with our support team and they’ve assured me they’re all-hands trying to sort out what happened here. It’s been escalated to our technical team and you should have some answers shortly.

Our support team doesn’t monitor these forums for issues, so I’d urge you to stick with the support ticket as your best means of communication with our team.

Expect an update shortly, Scott. :pray:


Thanks for the quick reply. This has been going on since Feb 8, 2017


Done :slight_smile: Hope you get lots of insight!


Thanks Jack! So far so great!


Okay, done. Hope that helps with your research1 :slight_smile:


@Oli_Gardnerreally well thought out survey. The questions were non-bias, non leading and on point! I hope you get all the data you need and would love to see the results when all done.


Thanks Brendan. Really appreciate you saying that.

I’m learning a ton, also that i need to rework the structure of certain questions to get to the truth. It’s a complex subject, and the methodology behind how to ask the right question in the right manner is fascinating.

Will definitely share what I learn.



It is indeed very complex. I use to, many years ago, work for a research institute and the art of surveying, polling, and questioning is mind blowing. I know people who do it for a living - I thought CRO was tough! :slight_smile:

Best of luck!