Call Tracking with Matelso doesn't work


Hey there!

I am using Matelso for Call Tracking but I can’t get it to work.

The problem:

It doesn’t change the numbers “behind” buttons or other elements that contain certain Unbounce Elements.

Has anyone experience with Matelso and found a way to make it work?


Okay I figured out the problem now.

This is due the fact that Unbounce creates a clkn wrapper around any links to make them trackable (within UB).

This article here shows how to get rid of it (and losing UBs tracking functionality):


Hey @SebastianTh,

Just a small correction - Unbounce creates the clkn wrappers and not Matelso.

Glad you got it figured out.



That is actually correct @Hristian :wink:

Thanks for pointing it out. I have changed it already in my reply.