Call to number buttons don't work on mobile


Hi, I have “call to number buttons” but they are not displayed from mobile devices. I don’t know what I did wrong :frowning:
This is my landing:

The green buttons should be visible after the form, after the benefits and in the footer (blue)
thank you!


Hi @claudias!

I am not seeing these green buttons anywhere. Please make sure that they are set to visible on mobile.
You can also create a new mobile call button and hide it on desktop.

I did notice that the phone number in the footer is working.

If you would like me to take a closer look, feel free to message me directly!


That is the problem! they are! :frowning:
As you can see I have the buttons in my mobile version at unbounce but for some reason they stay display:none when the page is loaded from a mobile device


done! someone in the team had the great idea to hide them via css :woman_facepalming:t2:



Good news! Glad it was an easy fix!