Buy and/or request a free sample in one landing page dilemma


Hi guys! 

I have a dilemma with a landing page, usually as a best practice is better just to have one action, either buy or request the lead. I have this landing page where I am thinking on having two actions either buy or request a free sample. This is because some people are just not ready to buy but others are, What do you think, what should I do?

Thank you!


Hi Kenji

Where is the traffic coming from ? Is through PPC ?






Ok great - so yes best practice is generally to have one CTA on a page - so it might be worthwhile doing a bit of analysis on your campaign keywords.

Are there keywords which are relevant to people who are ready to buy ? If so - frame our text ad’s around that and redirect them to a page specifically for them with the ‘Buy Now’ button.

Are there keywords relevant to people who need more information ? If so do the same but redirect them to a page with more information - possibly a long form page - with either a CTA leading to a bit more information or a ‘buy now’ button duplicated at various points on the page under each section of information.

Does that help ?


Without knowing the details of your specific audience and business, my initial gut reaction is that you are going to trade off on sales for free samples.  If people don’t know your company from Adam, even if they want what you have to offer, given the choice between trying you with zero risk in a free sample vs. paying for the unknown, I would guess 99% of conversions take the less risky path first with the other 1% paralyzed by the two call to actions ;-).  Best practice like said above is to stick to one C2A.

That said, free sample may be a great lead gen model for you :slight_smile: it is for many other companies.  Obviously, your case may be different and best practices are not guaranteed results.

There can be numerous situational caveats to this…

Example, if you are selling leads in an industry starving for them, there is a good chance somebody will risk throwing a small chunk of their budget at you just at the hope of finding a new source of leads.




Great call on the exit pop-up, Simon! Have you implemented this strategy on any of your pages yet? If so, I’d love to check it out. 


It’s hard to make a recommendation without all the facts about audience - but keep in mind it will be harder to track conversions on two different goals on one page. You could always try it out with a small sample split test? If you think the majority of traffic will be ready to buy, you could have the main page be about buying - but have an exit pop-up for those that seem to be leaving, saying why not try a sample. 
Remember that adding the free sample option won’t just gain you leads that would have left - it also sacrifices sales you would have made (because they now have another option).
Hope that’s of help!