Buttons that link to different website wont work!

I have added buttons to my landing page: https://healthdesk.com.au

These cta’s are meant to link to our Acuity Scheduling software, however a 404 error page comes up instead. I’ve already checked the Acuity link separately and it’s working fine. In preview mode all the buttons with the link work; however, once published it takes me to a 404 error page. I don’t understand why it’s working in preview mode, yet not when published.

Any advice here would be great!

When I go to your page, this is the link I see - which leads to the broken page:

I stripped out everything before the second https (https://healthdesk.com.au/clkn/), fixed the http part and it was fine:

If the address above is correct, looks like you need to fix the link on your button. Good luck!

That’s actually the link I synced to the button. However, it seems that anytime it gets published it changes the url. :frowning: Unbounce support said it was a permalink issue.

Just untick the ‘Append URL’ option and it should work. :wink: when you have it ticked it pastes your URL before every target.