Button redirect



I’ve created a light-box for my unbounce page which links to a picture from a button on my page.

I want to do it so if its viewed on a mobile the picture re-sizes to fit the screen of the mobile so people dont have to scroll.

I understand I will have to have two different images linked - one desktop sized one mobile sized - but how can I change the link on the button so that desktop people will be taken to the desktop sized picture and mobile people will be taken to the mobile sized picture?


Hi there - you aren’t able to set a different links for the desktop and mobile views for same button. But, you can create different buttons for desktop and mobile.

To do this, just create a second button for your mobile view and hide the original desktop one in that view (and vice versa). You can hide elements in one view or the other by opening up the view you’d like to hide the element in and then clicking the eye icon in either that elements Properties or from the Page Elements panel. We’ve got some screenshots of that here