Bulk Upload Images


Is there a way to upload multiple images at the same time? (bulk upload?) into the image galery or do i have to upload 40 pics one piece at a time? thank you for your time everyone and thanks for your help.


We would really find thod useful, and see the time benefits being a defo no brainer.

Please can this be done?

Also the current unbounce image gallery is big. Could we create multiple folders and start organising images.


I would like to see the option of not just bulk uploading them, but also bulk placing them onto a page. Being able to select several images from within the Library and adding them all onto the page at once, would save considerable time when working with a number of images.


Definitely a +1!




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Hello unbounce team! I was wondering if your team could start developing a way to import multiple pictures in bulk, rather than importing them one at a time? This would be extremely helpful as it would cut down on time and improve work efficiency.


Hi Folks!

Just a heads up that I’ve converted this ‘question’ into an ‘idea’ so that others can vote on it and (hopefully) make it’s way on to our product roadmap faster. If this is something you’d like to see implemented, go ahead and ‘Like’ the idea at the top of this page.