Bulk Edits

Hi there, i spoke a bit with one of the Unbounce Customer Success, about bulk editing webhook for multiple pages, unfortunatly, he said that this function wasn’t available yet so i allow myself to post this here, https://documentation.unbounce.com/hc/en-us/articles/203510044-Using-a-Webhook,
i was trying to make this tutorial work but i have to do the integration for each pages, so i was wondering if it was possible for unbounce’s engineers , to have a page level from the domains name to avoid to go on every pages and do the webhooks manually.
Or even more cooler have directly a hull.io integration like zapier, salesforces or others apps.

Thanks for sharing this here, Paul! Our Product Management team looks into these posts pretty regularly, I’ll make sure this lands on their radar. :slight_smile: