Bulk creation of landing pages

Hi there,
I created a template of landing page, optimised it and now I am happy with it. I would like, from this template to create landing pages in bulk, where I ll be able to replace text, also images and URL. So it would automatically create www.domain.com/company1, www.domain.com/company2, www.domain.com/company3 etc with each page having the same template but text and assets stored in a different folder.
Any chance someone knows how to do it?

Hi @Alexandre_Barret1!

Duplicating the page you created and editing the text/images/url on each page will achieve this and you can duplicate the page as many times as you please.

If it is “universal” text elements you are looking for, you can do this with some scripts. It is just a little more advanced. We use this to update disclaimers in our footers.

Not quite sure that is the answer you are looking for, but I hope that helps!

Hi Caroline,
Thanks for your time. I know how to duplicate pages manually and this is how I do it for now. But now, I need to duplicate at scale (ie hundreds per month) - for my “normal” website, I would use a script to create all those pages at once (storing assets and content in one particular location) and the script would create those hundreds of pages (but this is not an option at the company I am working for at the moment). Is it possible to do it in unbounce, or the manual way is the only one?
Thanks again for taking the time to answer.