Building Unbounce call-back landing page


Hey there, I was curious to know how many of you are using Unbounce to create a call-back landing page where the user would submit their name, phone number.

After the user submits the form a phone call is done to his number and when he picks up the phone he get connected with someone of the team.



Hey Giuliano,

I haven’t built anything like that before, but I have heard of a few third party tools that can make it happen easily. One is called . I haven’t used it personally, but have seen good recommendations for the tool. I believe it can be easily embedded into an Unbounce page.

Are you looking for something like that, or do you already have the technology in place and are just looking for feedback on optimizing callback campaigns?


Hey Nicholas thanks for your reply. Actually we have an integration platform and I started exploring some of the Unbounce use cases as we’re using it as well. How is callpage integrated with Unbounce?

I’m curious to learn how people is using Unbounce effectively for sales campaign and what are integrations and workflows they’ve built around it (also spoke with Justin about this).

I published an example to show how to create a call-back page with Unbounce recently, what do you think?