Bug with stats on AMP Pages


Hello !

I’ve noticed on my two AMP pages that the count for conversion is wrong.
I don’t know why but Unbounce is not counting all the conversions.The conversion rate is false then.

Here is a screencap showing 2 conversions while in fact there is 5 leads.




Hi @julien_level,

Are you still experiencing issues counting your AMP conversions? If so, please let me know and I’ll tag one of the devs to assist!

I’d love to also know how your experience with AMP has been so far?

Thanks for your feedback,



Hello @Jordana

No, it looks like the issues are gone :slight_smile:
–> There is no difference if i look at the last 15 days.
–> but there is still a difference between the stats and the number of leads when you do “view leads” or “generate csv”.

AMP has been very good so far.
Still missing some stats details like we have on normal pages but that’s ok.
By the way, it would be great to have more stats by device on normal pages. This could help improve performances on desktop or mobile (and so on AMP).

Thanks for your time !