Bug posting form - missing resource fancybox?


i’ve had a few occasions the past days where I publish a page with a form and when i click submit the form redirects to /fsg

the javascript debug console in chrome shows “failed to load resource http://assets.unbounce.com/m/lp-webap…

Attempt to submit form results in downloading fsg.json

Hi Bert, we’ll definitely have a look into that. Not sure why that CSS file is failing to load (it’s definitely available at that URL), and also not sure how that could be impacting a form submission. Regardless, we’ll dig in. Which of your pages is this for?


hi carl, have a look at my live-order page - there is a weird issue going on - when I publish the page and reload it in my browser the label of the email form is gone and when i click submit it just redirects to /fsg and the popup isn’t there.


Hi Bert! Sorry for the late response, this was a tough issue. Our script and css files for published pages are hosted on Amazon S3. As near as we can tell, loading these resources was failing intermittently for some users. We created a new storage slot (bucket) on S3, moved the files over, and this seems to have solved the issue. We’ll be following up with Amazon to see what could have caused this, and how we can monitor and prevent it in the future.

The other thing to watch out for is including jQuery on your own. We already include jQuery on the page, and sometimes including it twice has caused similar issues. Let us know if you continue to have problems!


glad you guys figured this one out. congrats!