Bug on edges of buttons width different color in mobile view


I have noticed that the edge of the buttons has something that looks as a border when you choose a different button color in mobile view.
To be precise: When you set button color 1 in desktop view and then set button color 2 in mobile view, you will see a narrow edge of color 1 around the button in color 2. This is regardless of you set a border around it all or not.
I hope you can find the issue. To me it seems like a 1-pixel error where you layer color 2 on top of color 1.
Best regards


Hi Lars - it looks like the “show inner highlight” option is still tied to the desktop button (even though the rest of the design elements for buttons are separate). I’ve escalated this to our Dev team to take a look at and I’ll update this thread as soon as we have a fix in.

Thanks for catching that, Lars!

In the interim, if you remove the button’s highlight on your mobile view, that’ll get rid of the mismatched border.


Hey Lars - I just emailed you as well, but in case you don’t see that or for anyone else who saw a similar issue, this bug has now been fixed.

It actually ended up taking a bit longer than expected as we fixed a related bug we’d found earlier thinking it would also solve this, but that wasn’t the case.

If you did see this issue earlier, adding the highlight back in on the mobile side and then republishing the page should fix everything up.