Bug Fixes - March 2021

Hello from April! Here are the following customer-facing bugs that were fixed in March.

Suspended Accounts Unable to View Account Management Menus

This bug affects accounts that were suspended and would like to make changes to fix that suspension. It was found that there wasn’t any way in the app itself to do so since the left navigation menu was missing after suspension. The bug was fixed and suspended accounts can navigate in their app to the Account Management menu.

Issues with Copying Pages to Clients

Fixed an issue where some users were experiencing a white screen after using the “Copy to a Client” feature to copy pages to a client. Customers would now be able to copy pages to a client and have access to the app as expected.

AMP Form Not Displaying in Lightbox in Chrome

It was found that for some mobile users accessing Unbounce AMP pages, forms that load in lightboxes weren’t showing up. The issue was found to only affect page visitors on Chrome 88, and a fix was deployed.