Bug Fixes - April 2021

Hey y’all! Here are the customer facing bugs that were fixed for the Month of April. There’s a JUICY one in there :eyes:

Non-Wordpress Domains Not Secured if Moved Between Free Accounts

We’ve fixed an issue where non-Wordpress domains would not be provided with an SSL certificate ONLY IF they were moved from a paid account to a free account, and then moved back to a paid account. Going forward, all domains living in a paid Unbounce account would have an SSL certificate provided by Unbounce, as long as they’re on a paid account.

Forms on Live Pages Won’t Accept Spaces for Required Fields

You got it! We’ve fixed an issue where spaces were being accepted in a required form field for a live page. This caused some confusion with our customers as they can be led to thinking that there are blank form submissions which indicates possible spammy behaviour. Now all required form fields would reject the space characters and throw an error that the field is required. For the fix to take effect, simply republish your page.

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