Browsers says privacy issues on landing page



the page is clearly displaying for most, but we’re got feedback from a couple of people that their browser is telling them there are privacy issues with it so they’re not clicking through. 

is this to do with the content settings of the browsers being used by those folk?

[it’s probably not significant but page is currently hidden from search engines]. 

thanks again,


In 99% of the cases where you’re getting a mixed content/privacy issues warning, this is the case. Go through every asset to make sure everything is https compatible.

Thanks Stuart!


Thanks very much Stuart and Justin - there were indeed a couple of http links from the page, as well as some https. 


Hi Nick,

Quite often this is caused by mixed content, some being served over https and some http. Make sure all your scripts, images, external stylesheets are all served either by https or not specifying a protocol by just using //

I’m not promising it’s the case for you but it’s where I would start. Don’t forget checking in css files for referenced images etc.