Breast enhancement cream


I want to run an Experiment with this two landing pages

Your feedback will be appreciated :smiley:


Hey Roman!

I’ll provide what I can! I think this is a strong campaign, there’s no question as to what it is your advertising. :relaxed:

My one small bit of design feedback would be the light text on the light background is a bit of a challenge to get through.

Additionally, I would try one of these pages without any images of women in their undergarments. The internet can be a scary place, and sometimes those types of images can make some people wary of the content. This is a sensitive subject, and some people might just want to read the facts.

I know that @Stefano has worked on a lot of health care sites, so I’d be curious to hear his take on how to include effective testimonials on your pages.

Curious to hear what others might have to add, but all in all I’d say this is looking great!



Hey Roman!

Great looking page.

  1. I would make sure you have no bleed on your pages so I would remove the Facebook icon on the top right.

  2. A huge conversion lifter for us has been before & afters (when appropriate). Consider showing real photos of your customers along with a testimonial.

  3. You may want to consider adding real features/details about the formula in the hero (first panel) instead of just the value prop. 100% Safe, 100% Organic, 100% Guaranteed, FDA Approved etc. This approach has worked well for us in the past.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi @Jess, thank you for your feedback
I will make some changes based on your comments


Hi @Stefano
You’re completely right about features/details
100% Safe, 100% Organic, 100% Guaranteed, FDA Approved etc. I’m pretty sure it will work for us too.



Please share some updates when you can :wink:

Best of luck.


Hey @Roman_Delcarmen

I won;t repeat what everybody else has said, all good stuff. Here’s a page we did for a local spa and health centre I can tell you from testing that it did best with no faces in the hero, just showing the body parts. Less skin also did better, I’m actually surprised, but based on what @jess said it makes sense in retrospect.

The key things i’d improve on our:

  • Make copy easier to read - the white is tough on the eyes
  • Add more info on how it works, any science facts, etc
  • If you can have a video of how the product works even better
  • Before and afters if possible

On a side note I would test an exit intent with a promo.

Best of luck!