Bounce Rates coming out of Google Analytics not right


Hi Guys,

We have setup a separate view for our Unbounce Pages within our Google Analytics account. We are seeing extremely low bounce rates 0.53% is there something that we are doing wrong with the setup of GA within Unbounce.

Or should we setup our Unbounce Pages as a separate Property?

Kind Regards


Hey Stuart

Low bounce rates are good! When a user fails to make any interaction on your page they are considered a ‘bounce’. If your rate is low then your users are interacting at a very high level.

On the other hand if you are seeing high bounce rates you’ll want to make sure you have a tracking script on each page of your funnel and track interactions such as form submissions or button clicks


Hey Stuart!

I wanted to chime in and add to Johnny’s helpful points.

If you, or anyone else in our community, is interested in how other companies set-up their GA reports with Unbounce, I’d highly recommend checking out our webinar
 “Unbounce + Google Analytics: Make Smarter Marketing Decisions With Custom Reports”. Bethany Bey, Digital Marketing Consultant, at Cardinal Path talks all about how her team uses GA in Unbounce.

I hope you find it as helpful as I did when I first watched it!