Boost your Marketing Smarts by Taking a (new) Academy Ecourse!


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Wednesday. But not just any Wednesday - today is one for the books. Today, ecourses have finally been introduced to the Unbounce Academy!

Whether you’re brand new to Unbounce, looking for a refresher, or onboarding new clients, you can think of our newly added educational content like your water wings; effective, fun, and just plain fashionable.

Until now, if you’ve wanted to learn about landing pages or CRO, you’ve had the option to browse our blog, register for a webinar, or even check out our Documentation (for those moments when you just have to get down to brass tacks).

But if you’ve found value in of these channels in the past, you’re going to love the brand spanking new ecourses we’ve got for you.

Just imagine a montage where you select an ecourse that’s most helpful to your current challenges, drink some coffee, smile at your computer screen a lot, climb stairs rocky style, have a conversion epiphany, run more stairs, and become a champion. That’s ecourses in a nutshell.

Anyway, there are three beginner-friendly courses you can choose from as of today, including:

  1. Improving Your Marketing Campaigns with Landing Pages
  2. Landing Page Strategies for Agencies
  3. Getting Started with A/B Testing: What to Test

Each course features real-world examples for context, step-by-step instructions to do specific things in the Page Builder, and handy end-of-lesson quizzes to ensure you’re soaking up the takeaways. If you’re getting a new team member up to speed on Unbounce,  they’ll love the quick-to-consume video content; and you’ll love the tracking ability (they can show you their course progression). As an agency marketer, you might check out our second ecourse to brush up on best practices for landing page management, and a sneak peek at what other agencies are doing. Too chicken to run your first A/B test? Our third ecourse was made just for you.
Check out the video below (direct from ecourse #1) for a preview!

Hooked? You can start ecourse 1, right here.

Now…as a busy marketer, you’re not necessarily going to have time to take courses willy nilly. To help guide the way, here’s some extra info on each of our first three courses.

Course Overviews:

Course 1: Improving Your Marketing Campaigns with Landing Pages

Learner Level: Total newbie? Step right up! This course covers the fundamentals of landing page design and offers a tour of the Unbounce Page Builder. For our power users and community champions, this course is going to cover a lot of what you already know and love.

Approximate length: 86 minutes including video content. Don’t worry…you can stop and start as you please! When you sign in using your Unbounce account, the course will keep track of your progress as you go (and you can take the section quizzes).

Things you’ll learn about in this course:

  1. What landing pages are and why you need them
  2. What kind of traffic to send to your landing pages (and how you can do this)
  3. How to navigate the Unbounce Page Builder (there’s a cool tour), and
  4. The 5 elements of a high-converting landing page
    Course 2: Landing Page Strategies for Agencies

Learner Level: A prep course for savvy agency marketers who are looking for ways to incorporate landing page design and management into their services. This course will walk you through the stickier points of landing pages services like Client Onboarding, Pricing, User management, and Intellectual property. We connected with three powerhouse agency clients to bring you practical tips and templates you can actually use now. How’s that for helpful?!

Approximate length: 42 mins including video content. Bada bing bada boom.

I mean really, you could take this over your lunch hour, folks!

Things you’ll learn about in this course:

  1. Communicating the value of landing pages to your clients
  2. Account management tools in Unbounce
  3. Designing a Client and User Workflow
  4. How to deal with intellectual property
  5. How to price landing page design and management as a service
  6. How to send landing page lead data to your clients
    Course 3: Getting Started with A/B Testing: What to Test

Learner Level: This course is best suited to marketers running their first few landing page A/B tests. Learn how to generate meaningful A/B test ideas to drive major conversion lifts through data driven decision making.

Approximate length: 59 mins, and you’re on your way.

Things you’ll learn about in this course:

  1. What is an A/B test?
  2. Advantages and Disadvantages of A/B testing
  3. How to decide what to A/B test
  4. Forming a testing idea and examples
    These are early days for Unbounce ecourses. The best is yet to come, so send us your comments suggestions, and ideas for course topics and let’s get learning! We’d love to hear what you like, and what you think could be even better.

Now get yo’ learn on!


Woo-hoo! Super stoked about the launch of Ecourses. Great job team!


Thanks Joe! Let us know what you think! :slight_smile:


Big step for Unbounce and the community.  Look forward to checking these out!