Blocks of text stores in a variable to be used for dynamic insertion


Dynamic text replacement has been a boon to everyone so it’s been great. For the past week or so, I’ve been coming across a newer idea. And that is to be able to change blocks of texts.

Changing more than just a few areas with a few selected words (usually from the Dynamic Keyword Insertion feature of Adwords) is something that would definitely help out our Quality Scores.

Changing a whole block of text is totally possible with the Dynamic Text Replacement feature of Unbounce. The only part where it gets tricky is managing all of those URLs with exceptionally long texts and ampersands and dollar signs and what not.

So I thought it would be great if we could save a block of text in a variable in our accounts.

tangy = Banking doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s that Simple. Tangerine. Come get Tangy with me, her, them, and there. Bla bla black sheep.
missy = I want a bean pie, Order me a bean pie. I’ll even eat a bean pie, I don’t mind. Me and Missy is so very busy busy making money.

Imagine having to stuff that into a URL with ampersands and %20D for every space.

But then imagine saving that text on Unbounce’s side, keeping the destination URLs the same (if need be) and simply pass the URL as

‘kw’ references to the area where the substitution would happen, and ‘tangy’ would be the text replacement.

Am I making sense?


Hey Mark, that’s an excellent idea and totally makes sense. We actually considered this when we first started planning DTR, but opted to go the simpler route just to get the feature out there sooner and to get working on Responsive. I’d love to hear how many others would make use of this functionality though. Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Carter. I think this will be of huge value as that way we’re creating highly targeted landing pages with whole paragraphs being changed. Everything is server-side, hidden behind variables.

And this is equipping us for the future where Google (and a highly technical landing page visitor) doesn’t see what’s being changed because they can see our Destination URLs and all these URL parameters being passed.

Knowing their evilness lately, who knows, they might one day start turning destination URLs into their newest playground and ask us to not pass params intended for dynamic landing pages. But then, we will be prepared :wink:

I really hope this gains traction - but I think it may take some time as Dynamic Text Replacement itself is a new feature.


This is absolutely something we would be interested in.  The ability to easily have an entire page full of text switch based on a few simple URL queues would be very powerful.  Text would need to be entered an housed in some form of WYSIWYG array.


I would love that too. Thanks.


We would love the option of swapping blocks of content dynamically. Please let us know if there are any updates on this feature. Thanks,


Still nothing? This would be a huge help…