Block Fields Feature to Prevent Spam/Bot Leads


I see a lot of spammy or bot type leads come through our campaigns. Some of them have the same names, cities or other fields. I would try to block from IP, but I think the bots dynamically generate the IP address so its hard to track. Having the ability to have a blocking area where I could enter in the fake names, cities, etc that are in my forms, would prevent them from being submitted.


Hi Brian, sorry you’re finding this frustrating. We definitely have some ideas around bot and spam filtering, and I’ll be sure to update this thread when we have something for you. We can likely automate most of this filtering, which will hopefully make manual filtering like this unnecessary.


Any options for just simple IP blocking? If we hosted this directly we’d simply block the IP or range of IPs that we’re getting bot submissions from.


Hey Sean, I’m sorry, but unfortunately we don’t have a way to block specific IPs just for certain customers. Will be sure to update this thread as soon as we have some improvements in this area.


Carl - any ETA on an official anti-bot feature or solution? Any ‘unofficial’ workaround we can implement now?


We are getting spam leads submitted and it’s always from the same IP address. Because we are using the subdomain feature we can’t seem to edit these IP’s in the .htaccess file so can you give us a way to add some IP’s to a file so that they simply don’t get access to our lead page? Is it really that much work to add this feature?


I’m having a very similar problem. Getting dozens of spam leads coming through daily.

Some type of captcha or human authentication in order to submit would be perfect.

IP filtering is good but only prevents the form submission from counting in statistics. We still have to deal with the spam lead coming into the integrated system, and source IPs seem to be randomized.


Hi Jeff, I know yourself and others have been waiting a long time for some bot and spam filtering tools. While I can’t promise a specific date, the hiring we’re doing right now is moving a solution quite a bit closer. Also, in some cases we’re able to help by doing certain types of filtering. If you get in touch with us at and let us know which page you’re seeing this on, we’ll see what we can do.


A big +1 for IP Address restriction.


Same issue here, my conversion rate spiked 20% (horray!) but it was all bots that somehow found my URL (nooo!). Wordpress has a plugin solution that prevents spam and bot comments that is pretty simple and ingenious. It simply requires a 1 second window between page open and submission, rendering most bots “too fast to be human”. How about we add something like this? Or what if we had a feature that allows us to Discard leads like the challenger pages we build? I have had two clients complain about skewed data and there is just no answer to give them right now.


Carl, ny progress on this?


This is a big deal guys. Can you create a blacklist feature where we can block the IP’s you’re capturing?


Because of our service, our clients are limited to the US only. It would also be great to have the ability to block country’s by IP.


Im having the same problem, how do we solve this?


Same here… Check the message they leave - 7 messages in 24 hours!!!

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Any news on this topic? I’m having the same problem and every week I get more spam


Does Unbounce even care about this?


Hi Scott - We definitely do. We’re now actively working on a first phase solution for form spam (we’re currently investigating to make sure the potential solutions we have don’t cause a load problem, which would slow down server load times, which is the last thing we want to do). It won’t look like what Brian suggested above, but the blocking will likely be automated, so you won’t have monitor it yourself. We’ll definitely update here when we’re closer to rolling something out.


Unbounce. You need to solve this. IP filtering as others are suggesting isnt going to help and CAPTCHA solutions that require input are bad as well. You need to bake a hidden text field into every form that doesnt have to be touched by anyone. When you process the form submission simply check to ensure that field is blank. Bots fill out the form because it is in the HTML, people dont because it is hidden. Reject anything that has a value in that field and you will solve a lot of issues. Also, please make these things mobile friendly, about to go back to Weebly.


Unbounce team we really need a solution ASAP, I’m getting more than 10 SPAMS PER DAY on one of my landing pages, this is annoying!! And I don’t see any actions from your side, just comments that this will be fixed someday