Bing Conversion Tracking - Help please!


Howdy all!

I’ve been attempting to figure out how to get my Bing ads account to track conversions on an LP and have been unsuccessful. Wondering if anyone out there has some insights that can help solve the issue.

The main issue I run into is the LP I am using is not using a form confirmation dialogue box when the form is submitted. So I need to figure out how to track form submissions as conversions in my Bing ads account.

Here’s what I’ve already completed:

  1. Created and installed UET tag into Head (Javascripts) of LP

  2. Created a conversion goal in Bing Ads

  3. Added custom event script to the Before Body End Tag of LP
    window.uetq = window.uetq || [];
    ({ ‘ec’:‘Contact’, ‘ea’:‘Form’, ‘el’:‘Analysis’, ‘ev’:‘Event value’ });

However, I am not certain where the Button ID should go in the custom event script?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Anyone out there has some insights that can help solve the issue?


Hi @cwarren,

There is an old-ish thread here in the community that should point you in the right direction.

Take a look here.




Thanks for the help! Unfortunately this old thread applies the tracking script to the form confirmation dialogue box of the Unbounce page. I currently am not using the dialogue box (or thank you page) for my form submissions, and need to find a way to get a form button click or something similar to fire the tracking code.


Hey @cwarren,

If you don’t have a confirmation popup or thank you page, you would have to fire the necessary scripts at the time the form is submitted or your call-to-action is clicked/pressed.

This thread gives a few examples on how to accomplish that.