Bing Ads Conversion Tracking


What goals in Bing Ads have people used with success in getting a conversion to be recorded when a user is served the form confirmation dialogue page after submitting a form?

I made a Bing Ads conversion goal that is the goal I use for Google Analytics, a regular expression:  /[mydomain]/.±form_confirmation.html but it did not register any conversions in Bing despite getting form submissions on my Bing Ads Unbounce landing pages. I’ve also tried destination URL contains form_confirmation as a goal, but that too isn’t working.

It’d be nice to know what conversion goals people have used in Bing Ads that successfully registered form submissions for Unbounce LPs!


Hi Shery, 

i fond this about Bing Goal conversion tracking.…

And I’m trying to apply… 


The link is no longer working.


Hey Matt,

Still need a hand for this? It should be fairly easy - bing provides you with a generic script that you can add on script manager across all your pages, then you can set up a conversion goal either via an event, or a destination URL.

I would be glad to help you with this if needed.

Feel free to shoot me a DM!



Hey Stefano,

Thank you for the email.

I placed the appropriate UET tags on each page and then set up the goals.
However, I am not certain I set up the Category, Action, Label, etc.

If you want to take a look for me, I set up the goal with the following:

Category: CTA
Action: Form
Label: Lead Retrieval

Didn’t assign a value
Counting All

I am only interested in tracking our conversions/form fills. Adwords
conversion tracking is more clear to me, as I just place the conversion
code in the confirmation popup and know it’s good to go.

My landing page can be found here:



Sorry for the late reply. Does this work for you?

I am seeing the UET tag is set up correctly.

Are you using a thank you page or a form confirmation box once the form has been completed?