Bing Ads Conversion Tracking Help

Can anyone help give me an easily follow-able, step by step guide on how to properly get and an unbounce page using form confirmation dialogue box to track conversions in Bing ads?

Hi Cwarren.
It took me ages to work out how to track bing ads as well.

Basically these are the instructions you need:

So in a nutshell here is what you do:

Go to Bing ads.
Create your UET Tag.
Copy and paste that code & install that on the pages you want to track (make sure to select head).
Also install that on your form confirmation dialogue page.

Now go back into Bing ads and go to conversion tracking
Click create a conversion goal
Call it what you like…lead sign up or whatever.
Click on ‘event’
On the event set up page fill out these forms like this:

If the screenshot is too small that is:

category: equals to - contact
Action: Equals to - form
Label: Equals to - bing ads
Value: Equals to - 1

There might be some other little options left to do under there. Like making sure the scope is either for your account or across all accounts and that your UET tag is selected in the drop down.

Now copy and paste this script into your form confirmation page:

lp.jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    console.log( "conversion tracked!" );
    window.uetq = window.uetq || []; 
    window.uetq.push({ 'ec':'contact', 'ea':'form', 'el':'bing ads', 'ev':'1' }); 


That should now track conversions.

There is one MASSIVE caveat I must stress here.

This works for me ONLY on the champion variant. I have absolutely no idea why this happens but it just does. If you add this script to your variants Bing just won’t record them as conversions (at least for me).

I’ve contacted Bing support who are also baffled. I’ve tried it out using their tag checker and it all fires but for whatever reason Bing just never records it as a conversion.

It sucks but I basically do my A/B/C… testing on Google Ads because I get 4 times more conversions on it. Then I use my best performing design on a standalone bing page.

It sucks but it is what it is. It might hopefully work for you!

One final Bing tip…check your landing page on IE.
When I had a look after my ads had been running one of the boxes I had placed down very precisely was nowhere near where I put it (it was behind a progress bar on my form) and it looked horrible. Super unprofessional.

If in doubt take your best page and simplify it if there are lots of floating elements!

Good luck!

@Les_Zeppelin Thank you so much! This helps immensely!