Better form options are a MUST, c'mon Unbounce


We want the ability to build forms like the Unbounce signup form at…

Why isn’t Unbounce using its own platform for its landing pages that it asks its customers to use? Forms on Unbounce platform are stuck in 1999, we need more features to be able to build better looking, dynamic forms.

Currently evaluating other options to move away from Unbounce due to this issue.


Hi Tom - Thanks for the feedback!

For our own landing pages we actually do use our platform. However, the specific page you linked to isn’t a landing page but more of a shopping cart page within our app where users purchase their subscriptions. This page requires a bit more complexity because it’s direct ties into the app and has been customized specifically for capturing sensitive information.

While we do wish to bring shopping cart functionality to our customers in the future, our platform is currently restricted. Reason being is that we don’t support SSL at the moment, which is required for most ‘shopping cart’ or purchase pages.

If what your looking for is just to replicate the style of the form, you can already get fairly close using our page builder. Take a look at a sample page below:…

It’s not exact, nor can it be replicated completely, but it comes close stylistically. If you need assistance customizing the appearance of the form, let me know.

That all said, we are always looking on ways to improve our platform - forms customization included. I’ll be sure to relay your feedback to the rest of the team.