Better content grouping control


How about better content grouping control, Select a number of objects and lock them into a group so they can moved around together on landing page editor. I realize there is a method for this now, but it seems not foolproof, i.e., I create a button and place two down arrows one on either end. If I shift-click all three elements they can be moved together once, but if I ever want to move them again I have to shift click all three once again.

Same issue when adding images of colored bullets to bulleted text. I can’t easily group/ungroupl them to move them.

If I could lock/inlock them into a group that would be terrific. I used to do this in FileMaker Pro and it helped enormously when moving/rearranging layout elements.

Also, to group objects, would be great to be draw a box around selected objects to group them, then click button to lock the group together; to unlock, select the group and toggle the lock button.

Anyone else want this? Or, Am I missing something? I suppose I could create a transparent container for them that would move them all at once, but this is just more unnecessary work to do when locking/unlocking groups would be terrific. 


Hi Gerry,

My name is Topp. I’m a Product Designer here at Unbounce.

Good news! Element grouping is actually in the works right now. The way you describe the interaction is pretty much the same as how we’re building it. It’s at its early stages but we’re hoping to roll out a prototype soon. If you’re interested, we can reach out to you for user testing once its ready.

For the meantime, the only way to group objects is by placing them in a transparent box. And unfortunately, you can’t drag and select objects using the marquee.