Best way to track visits and conversions on the landing pages


Hi everyone.
In my company we run campaigns with various media partners, various social media platforms and formats (print and digital).

Me and my colleagues though about creating a landing page per campaign. We would then duplicated it and create different URLs for the different mediums (facebook ads, facebook organic, ppc, display,…). Is this the best way of doing it? What are the other options that we can consider?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi Ana,

Duplicating campaigns for each medium is one way to do it. Unbounce certainly makes this easy.

However, I would strongly advise against it. Simply because, once you have more than a dozen pages, it would become a nightmare to manage, update and keep track of what’s going on.

Instead, I recommend tagging your landing page URLs with UTM tags. If your landing pages have a form, add hidden fields to these forms to capture and record these tags.

If you don’t have forms on your LPs, make sure you have Google Analytics running on the pages and make your post-campaign analysis through GA.

You can also use Unbounce’s Dynamic Text Replacement to change copy on the page based off of those UTM tags.



Hey Ana,

Personally I agree with @Hristian. However, we do create per campaign LPs only if we are making specific changes to that LP for that channel. For example, if our FB ad copy is different than, let’s say our Twitter ad copy, we would create and LP for each. We may speak to our FB demographic one way but have a more generic PPC tone, etc.

All really depends on the campaign goals.


Hi Ana,

Agree w/ both above. You can also use dynamic text replacement if the changes in copy between channels are small. Google Analytics is by far our favorite way of tracking leads by channel, ad group, keyword etc. You can follow the documentation here to set this up. Don’t forget to set up your goal(s)/conversions!

Lastly, if you’re looking to manage your leads - I would suggest Pipedrive. A relatively cheap sales CRM that will help keep your leads organized.

Best of luck!